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Next Generation

Family Business Group

Welcome to the Next Gen Family Business Group, to be coordinated through VQ Consult, starting in 2020! Chad and Heidi are excited to partner with all of you to take this incredible group of Next Gen Business (and community) leaders to the next level. We will depend on an Executive Committee to assist us as we plan and listen to the interests and needs of Next Gen membership.

Track 1: Large Group Events

Track 1 will include 6 events per year, centered on hearing from leaders of successful family businesses at either their on-site headquarters or a third party site.

  • Hear the story of how the business came to be

  • Learn how business succession was/is handled and managed effectively (or, candidly, ineffectively)

  • Enjoy food and fellowship during each event

  • One event/year will be purely a Next Gen Social Event

  • We have the Sukup family on deck for 2020.  We would LOVE suggestions and offerings from other family businesses for 2020.  VQ Consult will do all of the coordination to make the event enjoyable for all!

Track 2: Peer Advisory Group 

The Next Gen Peer Advisory Group (PAG), a small group comprised of 6-10 members involved in their family businesses, will commit to meeting together for two hours to provide additional support to one another and to engage in personal learning and application of best practices. Each PAG will determine their location, time and frequency of meetings.


Next Gen PAG’s will be structured according to three pillars:

  1. Support & Fellowship 

  2. Development & Accountability

  3. Family Business Education

Our Facilitator, Dr. Heidi Vermeer-Quist, is a psychologist, family business consultant (VQ Consult, LLC), and active G3 of Vermeer Corporation (developed current governance structures at Vermeer and served out her first term on the Vermeer Board of Directors).  She and her husband Chad have worked on family business governance development and conflict resolution with other family businesses since 2013. She also is the owner and director of a local mental health clinic, Heartland Christian Counseling. She has facilitated many therapy and support groups, has worked as a Next Gen Leadership Institute Coach for the University of Loyola Family Business Center, and received Family Business Governance Training (as well as presented on several occasions) with Loyola, Family Business Network, and the Kellogg Business Center.

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