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Next Gen Family Business

VQ Consult Merging with UNI's Advance Iowa

The VQ Consult Next Gen program has merged with the UNI's Advance Iowa Family Business Forum! Chad and Heidi are excited to partner with UNI to take this incredible group of next generation business (and community) leaders to the next level. 

While every business faces challenges, we have found through the past few years of working closely with Iowa business owners, that there is a specific need for support in conserving family businesses in our home state. The focus of the Advance Iowa Family Business Forum is to create a community of family businesses that will have the ability to learn about business governance, continuity, strategic planning, leadership transition and growth together.


UNI’s Next Generation Leadership Program prepares family business members for executive level responsibilities and ownership. We have developed an education program that tailored for next-generation family enterprise leaders and the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Participants will develop and practice their leadership style, create a lifetime development plan, and increase their effectiveness as responsible family business leaders.

Family Business Network

We recommend the Family Business Network as another great membership opportunity for families in business to learn and grow.

If you are part of a family that owns a complex multi-generational business, you’ve found your second family. Family Business Network (FBN), the world’s largest family business organization, can connect you with other family businesses in a safe, supportive, sales-free, peer-to-peer global learning community like no other.

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